Great American Outdoor Show Sale!

From February 4th to 11th, during the Great American Outdoor Show, everything is on sale** at BMO!
**(some restrictions apply due to manufacturer's policies)

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Welcome to Blue Mountain Outfitters!

Welcome to Blue Mountain Outfitters Specialty Paddlesports Shop located in the historic Marysville train station on the Susquehanna River just north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We sell Canoes, Kayaks, Stand up Paddleboards and paddling gear, run river float trips, provide shuttles, feature a repair and custom boat outfitting service, and strive to be your go to place for all things paddling related.

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Great American Outdoor Show Sale! Bookmark this location of the page.

  • Mary Gibson
A photo of the Bonafide P127 with several accessories.

Why Shop at Blue Mountain Outfitters during the Great American Outdoor Show, February 4th-11th?

If you're in the market for a gun or to book a big game hunt, then we're not the place to go. BUT if you're interested in a fishing kayak, lightweight canoe, stand up paddleboard, recreational, touring or whitewater kayak and all the gear to get on the water, you've found the right place! Planning your next river adventure? We have the guidebooks, maps and gear to help you with that as well. Other perks?

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  • Mary Gibson

So what's going on at BMO these days? Well, new boats are coming in from Liquid Logic and Hurricane. Nova Craft shows off their TuffStuff Prospector 16 with a sexy clear coat. The local Moose club upped the anty on Halloween decorations in Marysville. Our spooky storefront has a car crash theme to it and we didn't even have to decorate, sorry #VeryPerryHolidays. We celebrate the tail end of Assalot 2022 with a cruise in the War Canoe. All that and more in our newsletter so give it a read already!

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