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BMO Stocking Stuffers

Shopping for some stocking stuffers for the paddler in your life? Look no further! Here's a small sampling of what we have in stock:

Paddling stickers – show the world their passion!

Lip Balm – it' s that time of year

Badger Balm – same goes for hands

Paddle Grips – prevent those annoying blisters

Sunscreen – summer isn't the only time you can get burned. (Especially faces!)

Tick Key – for when those little buggers wake up in the spring

Whistle – ‘cause it's the law

Small waterproof flashlight – ditto, after dark & before dawn

Ear plugs – prevent exostosis (believe us, you don't want it!)

Nose plugs – prevent nasal douche (also don' t want it!)

Camera Float – cheaper than a new waterproof camera

Key Float – cheaper than a taxi

Cat Clip – cheaper than a new hat

Paddle Leash – a LOT cheaper than a new paddle

Knot Cards – (how do you tie that again?)

Cup/Can Holder – no explanation needed

Bottle Cozy – ditto

Can Cozy – more ditto

Carabineers – you NEVER have enough of these!

Bandanas – ditto (& great for wrapping small gifts also!)

Small Waterproof Journal – to capture the memories

Waterproof Pen – see above

Small First Aid Kit – in hopes they won't need it

"DoohicKey" – Key ring; bottle opener; can opener; screwdriver; wrench; ruler;box cutter; and it's got a cool name!

And don't forget, you might want a few of these things for yourself as well! (You HAVE been good this year, right?)

Happy Holidays from the Gang at BMO!

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