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  This page contains a list of hard to find and oddball items that we normally stock in our store -- of course it's not all inclusive (or we would have to list ourselves) but it gives you and search engines something to chew on.

The List:

  303 Protectant: Sun Protection for Your Stuff.

  Boating Doodads: Kayak Jewelry, Kayak Knickknacks, Canoe Jewelry, Canoe Knickknacks.

  Tecnu Outdoor Skin Cleanser: Oak-N-Ivy Brand, Removes poison oak and poison ivy oils after contact.

  Cactus Juice: Sun, Skin, and Insect Protectant.

  Canoe Parts: Canoe Seat, Canoe Gunwales, 6" Seat Bolts and Hangers, Canoe Deck Plates, Canoe Carrying Yokes, Canoe Thwarts, Etc.

  Deks Olje Oil Finish for Boating Woods.

  Floating Rescue Rope.

  Kayak Parts: Kayak Drain Plugs, Kayak Foot Braces, Kayak Hand Nuts, Kayak Deck Hardware, Kayak Deck Compasses, Etc.

  Kong Carabiners: Keylock Carabiners.

  Mike Yee Outfitting Products.

  Minicel Foam Sheets: 3", 1", 3/4", and 1/2" Thick, 48" by 48" Maximum Sheet Size.

  Nylon Hardware: Nylon Buckles, Nylon Fasteners, Nylon Sewing Hardware.

  Pelican Cases, Pelican Boxes, Pelican Waterproof Boxes, Many Sizes in Stock.

  Plastic Squeeze Bottles: Oval Shape, Flip-up Dispensing Cap

  Royalex Canoe Paint.

  Sea Drops: Anti-Fog and Lens Cleaner (the best we found).

  SealLine SmartTrack Control Systems: SmartTrack Rudder, Kayak Rudder

  Sliver Gripper Tweezers from Le Mar, Inc.

  Spice Wheel: 8 Waterproof Compartments in One Container for Spices, Liquids, Pills, Etc.

  Stainless Steel Hardware: Stainless Machine Screws and Nuts, Stainless Tapping Screws.

  Static Rescue Rope.

  Strike Anywhere Matches: Big Ones and Little Ones.

  Tech Cord: Technora Cord, 5 mm has 5000 pound breaking strength.

  Watco External Wood Finish, Watco Oil.

  Waterproof First Aid Kits.

  West System® Epoxy.

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