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· We are a Paddlesports Business. We specialize in canoe, kayak, and
stand-up paddleboard (SUP)retail sales, livery services and repair services. We also design, manufacture, and sell our own line of canoe and kayak trailers.

· Our home is the Old Train Station in Marysville, Pennsylvania (at the end of the rainbow). We're located in Central Pennsylvania, just a few miles north of Harrisburg.

· Our home river is the Main Stem of the Susquehanna River.

· Our location is convenient: get off Interstate 81 at Exit 65 and go north on Routes 11&15 for 2 miles. We're on the right, just before the traffic light.

· Headed downstream (south)? From the Route 322 / 11 & 15 intersection, follow Routes 11 & 15 south for 10.5 miles. In Marysville, we are the first business on the left, immediately past the traffic light.

· GPS:  Lat. 40.342467  Lon. -76.929456

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BMO News Notes:

Limited Edition Bonafide Kayaks!

Coming Soon; new limited edition colors for Bonafide's SS127 and the SS107! And rest assured, Bonafide tested Black Widow in the heat of Florida, with no complaints!

Update [2/4/2020]: Another Shipment just came in on 2/1/2020. One SS107 BK-25 and One SS107 Fusion.

Update [11/18/2019]: We just received our first shipment of Bonafide's new limited edition color kayaks! Be sure to check out our boat inventory page or call us at (717) 957-2413 for availability.

Update [11/17/2019]: We were surprised to learn that Bonafide Kayaks has merged with Liquid Logic, Native Watercraft, and Hurricane! We are still waiting for the then October Shipment and the November shipment from Bonafide. We will keep you posted on availability as best as we can.

Limited Edition Bonafide Kayaks!


RS 117 SS 127
Qty.** Color Price Qty.** Color Price
1 Canyon $1099 1 Black Widow
SS 107 1 BK-25 $1,699
Qty.** Color Price
1 BK-25 $1,399
1 Fusion $1,399

November (2019) Shipment

RS 117 SS 127
Qty.** Color Price Qty.** Color Price
2 Top Gun Grey $999 1 Hunstman $1,599
1 Sandstorm $999

Call the shop if you would like to reserve one; (717) 957-2413
Limited Edition Color.
**Availability may not be up to date.

Used Rental Kayaks/SUPs for Sale!

BMO is receiving new Kayaks/SUPs for the 2020 rental season and with that we need to make some room. Here are the latest used rental Kayaks/SUPs up for sale** that are now leaving our rental fleet.

Rec. Sit Inside, Solo

Model Price
Marvel 100, Blue Sold $495
Marvel 120, Green $495

Rec. Sit Inside, Tandem

Model Price
Marvel 145T, Blue $695


Model Price
Perception Escapade, Blue $495
Bic Ace Tec Cross 11, White/Lt. Green $695
Bic Ace Tec 12'6" Wing, Red/White/Blue $650
Pau Hana Endurance Tour Ricochet 12, Olive/White/Orange $950

SOT, Solo

Model Price
Tarpon 100, Mango $495
Tarpon 120, Red $695
Tribe 9.5, Lime/Yellow $395
Tribe 11.5 Lime/Yellow $495
Manta Ray Angler, Hidden Oak (Slight Leak) $495
Coupe, Lime $595
Atak 120, Sonar $995
Stingray Angler Solo, Sunburst $495
Pescador Pro 12 Angler, Moss Camo Sold $595

SOT, Tandem

Model Price
Tarpon 135T, Lime $795
Tribe 13.5T, Sunset $595

Be sure to check out our Boat Inventory page for the latest updates!

Call the shop if you would like to reserve one; (717) 957-2413
**Availability may not be up to date.

Off season

Open Tuesday through Saturday

Tuesday: Open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Wednesday through Saturday: Open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Closed Mondays & Sundays

Check our calendar for special hours.

Here's the Latest BMO Newsletter:

BMO Newsletter - Fall of 2019

News, Views and Humor from the desk of Mary Gibson.

Check under "BMO News" for previous newsletters

They're lining up to get to the river because kayaking is that much fun. Come on in and gear up for a good time.

Recently we were made aware of this CBS video on the history of Lady Liberty on the Susquehanna River at the Dauphin Narrows.
Check it out.
The History of Lady Liberty

BMO Email Address Update

Our old, original paonline email address has finally died.

If you were using bluemountain@paonline.com,
please update your address book to:


mail@bmo.comcastbiz.net also works)

There they go.

About our Retail Store:

·   We specialize as a full service paddlesports store.  We stock canoes, kayaks, SUP's and all kinds of paddling accessories. We also stock repair, outfitting and rescue supplies, and some camping equipment.
·   We're a brick and mortar business located in the old Marysville train station. 
·   We aren't a sports department store with big open spaces, in fact, visiting our store is a lot like spelunking; it's crowded with merchandise and you can find the neatest things hiding in the crevices or suspended from the ceiling.  Plan on taking some time to explore the largest paddle gear and accessory inventory in the area.
·   More About our Retail Store
·   Check out our Canoe or Kayak Inventory

RR Caution Notice: Blue Mountain Outfitters is located in the old Marysville Railroad Passenger Depot and the railroad tracks that are located immediately behind our building and parking lots are very active and very dangerous.

Do not park with any part of your vehicle extending past the parking lot lines. Do not turn your kids or pets loose behind our property. For that matter, do not leave them unsupervised anywhere around here -- the road out front is no safer than the railroad out back and we have a lot of vehicles with trailers moving and backing up on our lots. If you step past the parking lot lines or behind our building, you are trespassing on railroad property and the fines are very stiff -- they do not like killing people.

Frequently you cannot hear the trains approaching -- from years of train watching we know that this is not a myth. Worst of all, Amtrack uses these tracks and they always seem to be making up for lost time when they go past here.
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